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Why do we STILL care about PC software tool?


If you think about it, trading (especially day trading) is all about making decisions. As a day trader, you usually buy/sell from 2 to 20 transactions per day. Even with the help of cutting-edge AI bots or algorithms, you are still the one who monitoring it, intervening it or modifying it.


Thanks to high-speed Internet and smart mobile devices, every decision in life seems to be able to be made on the go: working, playing, dating, arguing, joking, chatting, planning, you name it!


Ever heard about mobile stock trading platforms such as Robinhood? It is very popular among young people. You can trade while you are walking on the street: swiping screens and tapping fingers, money in the pocket and done deal! Cool image, isn't it? But is that so easy? Is that true? You probably knew about meme stock frenzy of 2021. People, especially young people swarmed in on trading GameStop stock (GME) just because then-sounds-cool social media motto was like "let us beat the big guy together". GME price went from $4 to $80 in 3 weeks, even though nothing changed in its finance and business. When fad fades, of course it would free fall and GME price did just that. I think "frenzy" is a super good term and always wonder how many "frenzy" trades were actually done on a small device screen...


Trading decisions are serious decisions because your (or other people's) hard-earned money are at stake! Serious decisions deserve serious attitude and time. At AristotleIsNotAlwaysRight, we do believe that whenever it comes to trading (or any money exchange decisions), you need to sit down behind a desk, calm down, clear up mind and focus on the situation. That's how a person making serious decisions anyway. That is why a good PC software tool still makes a lot of sense in trading: bigger screen, bigger operating area, quieter environment, all these add up can help a trader to make clear and rationalized decisions.


Sometimes, I do think that traders like us are making money from traders like that (whoever makes rush decisions on the go) ...


Happy trading & Cheers!