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How to import the latest PlayPack to the Game (Desktop Edition 1.3.1)


1.      Open the browser and go to here, the latest PlayPack is usually 1 or 2 business days behind the real market. Click to download it.


2.     Usually, the file will be downloaded to default Downloads folder. In this example, 2023-02-02_PlayPack.pac is just downloaded and saved there:


3.     Launch the game (Desktop Edition 1.3.1) and Click the Menu (Setup/Play Packs)


4.    The game will open the Windows File Explorer to show the existing PlayPack files. In this example, we need to manually copy the 2023-02-02_PlayPack.pac (see step 2) to here.


5.     Relaunch the game, the new PlayPack is ready for playing.