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Can this thing make me a Pro?

Can "Call of Duty" turn a gamer into a real soldier? The same, you can't turn into a professional stock trader by practicing one simulator game only. A pro trader needs to know a LOT MORE than this game can offer.

What this game does offer you, is to train your sense over the stock market (or as close as possible, if not real): those tickers move, momentums, ups/downs, etc. You can feel the rhythm and practice some basic in/out strategies. By playing the game again and again, not only you know more waves of the market, but also, you will definitely know more about YOURSELF under certain pressure and certain desire (on trader's emotion, please see my another post). Very likely, a better BUY/SELL sensitivity is what you will get from practicing this game.

Going further, if you're getting a bit more serious, if you play the web version of this game, you can copy the game score to Excel and analyze your transactions performance offline. The desktop edition of this game saves game score automatically, so you can analyze your performance repeatedly.

Again, a pro trader needs to know a lot more than this game can offer. This game alone cannot turn you into a pro, Sorry...

Finally, I really hope you gain unique experience and enjoy this game!